Monday, January 24, 2011

A bit of Yellow in NDR

Those who read this blog regularly know that a piece of my Van Gogh novel Yellow was accepted a couple months ago by the The New Delta Review, a print magazine that is launching itself anew as an online enterprise. Well, the day has arrived. NDR, in its new online identity, is up and running. Issue One! And in that issue you can find "The Evangelist," the title I've given to my novel excerpt. I hope you all like it. Hard to say whether it's representative of the book as a whole since the point-of-view character appears only in this one chapter. But the chapter certainly is representative of how some people saw Van Gogh, especially in his earlier years, before he decided to become a painter. Follow this link to the excerpt. And enjoy!


  1. John, I'm looking forward to reading the excerpt. I hadn't heard about NDR going online. Has it done away with its print issues? I can't tell from the two different websites. Thanks.

  2. Hi Sandy. My understanding is that NDR is solely online now. Thanks for your interest.

  3. Thanks, John. Enjoyed the chapter immensely.