Monday, August 27, 2012

Okay, so this is weird

If you read my last entry, you know that last week I commented on the connection I see between acting and writing.  This is a subject I wrote about in the introduction to my doctoral dissertation some years ago, and it's one I bring up periodically with my fiction writing students.   Well, it turns out that the same day I was composing that entry, Molly Ringwald was discussing the exact same subject in an article in the New York Times.  I'm not sure what to think about that synchronicity.  I'm not a reader of the Times, though it's obviously a superb publication; nor am I a particular fan of Molly Ringwald.  I'm pretty sure I do not want to have a mind meld with her!  Anyway, the day after the Times article appeared, a blogger for the Huffington Post wrote on the same subject, reviewing Ringwald's ideas and throwing in his two cents.  My wife kindly pointed out his blog post after she read mine.  Here's a link to the Huffington Post piece, if you care to read more on the subject of acting and writing.


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