Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Thank you, Monda Fason

I should take a moment, and one post, to thank blogger queen Monda Strange Fason for her invaluable techno help with this blog. When I started Creating Van Gogh in September, I was using a conventional template: functional but utterly boring. Monda, a colleague at the University of Central Arkansas, seized on the theme of my blog and designed the layout you see today. Immediately, I felt 100% better about the whole undertaking. Monda, by the way, is a committed and talented blogger herself. She maintains three blogs, two of which--No Telling and Fresh Ribbon--have received the impressive "Blog of Note" distinction from blogger.com. Check out these blogs for some entertaining and stylishly presented talk about writing. And if you need a jump start for your creativity, take a look at her third blog: Easy Street Prompts.

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